Dallas Flowers

Finding Inspiration
Oxfordshire has always been associated with cottages, buildings made of golden Cotswold stone and surrounded by colourful flowers. This is why garden design oxford is thriving, a multitude of firms in the area offering expertise in making the most of cottage surroundings. Of course, the aspiring gardener can simply drive about, taking inspiration from other cottage gardens. He will see bushes planted against walls, with flowers in decreasing order of height and in different colours, in front.

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Random Planning
At a first glance, the layout of the ground surrounding the typical cottage seems to have occurred randomly, without any thought or preparation. Flowers grow in clumps rather than in the ordered beds of larger gardens. Crazy-paved paths wind around the flowers and greenery, seeming to lead to no particular place. Ornaments and garden furniture seem to adhere to the same, random arrangement. However, the majority of gardeners know that this apparent randomness is at least as difficult to achieve as the more rigid order of larger gardens.

The Garden Layout
The first thing to do is decide on the layout of the garden area. Many gardeners use computer-drawing software to help with this task. On the drawing area, create a scaled plan of the garden. Decide on a common theme to unify the area. This could be a recurring geometrical motif, for example, a half-circle of grass fronting the building, a smaller circle of green alongside of it and smaller, circular "satellites" of flowers and other plants. Make sure your path flows logically around these areas and that you place all sculptures and furniture so they do not disrupt movement.

Complementary Colour
One advantage of computer software is that you can change item colours swiftly, discarding scheme after scheme until you find one that you like. Of course, there are gardeners who want to plant a particular flower or group of plants, and build the remainder of the garden around this arrangement. If you are determined to plant lavender, for example, make sure you offset the low bushes with taller blossoms in a complementary colour, like yellow marigolds. Indeed, make sure that your chosen plants complement each other throughout the garden; reds against yellows, and yellows against blues, pinks and purples.

Planning and Planting
Take your plans to a gardening centre and show personnel what you want to achieve. A person experienced in Garden Design Oxford will help you choose the right combination of border flowers and taller flowers and greenery to help your cottage garden bloom. He will also select plants that have the same flowering season, since you want to create maximum glory. Of course, you can use the principles of Garden Design Oxford to create a cottage garden, anywhere.